Empower your business by using AFAX.

Send and receive faxes online, anytime using AFAX™ secure online platform All subscribed account could utilized our enhanced and easy to use functions and features, including:

  • Free Phone Local Number
  • Toll Free Numbers when local number is not available
  • Send Fax directly from your email & API Integration
  • Unique security & HIPAA | PHIPA Compliant Fax
  • Comprehensive client tools for increase office productivity
  • Integrate with Third-party cloud storage (like OneDrive, Google Drive, Amazon S3, etc.)
Free Phone Local Number

If your business is focused on local clients, AFAX™ local fax number is an effective communication tool to inspire customers to contact you.

 We almost able to provide a local fax number within Canada using our major telecom service providers like Primus Telecommunications Canada and Allstream Inc. This would give us an ability to serve you and your business with extended flexibility and reliability of service.

 We also provide an option to port over your Fax number to us, this means if you already have a Fax number and would like to continue using that, we simply could request LNP on your behalf without any disruption to your business. Please contact us if you could not find your local area code within are available pool of Fax numbers or if you need more information on how to transfer your existing local fax number to AFAX.



Toll Free Numbers

Extend your customers footprint, give your business a National visibility with a Toll Free Fax Number from AFAX™

 You don’t have to be a large organization to take advantage of national fax numbers. Let your customer to reach you from anywhere in Canada and USA with no extra cost. 

 Through our trusted carriers we are able to provide you vanity Toll-Free number per request (when its available), please reach our customer care specialist if you need any additional information.

Send Fax directly from your email

Our goal is to give our customers more flexibility, agility and mobility when technology is available.

Our software engineers came with an innovation secure way for AFAX™ customers to use their existing emails and email client tool to send their fax documents.
Such a comprehensive and unique feature for:
  • - Travelers, using smart phone or notebook to simple send your faxes.
  • - Business with multiple staff, let each employee to use their own email to send their faxes from anywhere.
  • - Business with multiple locations, simply add an email addresses to your account – let the Fax begin from that email in a matter of seconds.
Find more information on that by looking at tutorial videos and samples, or find more info in our FAQ.


Unique security

Security is one of the most important measure for any business, in AFAX Platform we went above and beyond the norm and have been implemented a unique security measures to protect our customers data and privacy.

We have used most trusted vendors to build safeguard to protect and secure our infrastructures and our software engineers came with unique algorithm to encrypt Fax documents while on reset.

We expect our customers to do their part for protecting their information and assets, like using complex password and don’t share their credential with anyone else. 

If you have any question in respect to this, please take a look at our FAQ and/or drop us an email.


Comprehensive client tools for increase office productivity

Our team came with a client application tools which could be used for any size of business. 

If you have seen a tutorial videos or have used our secure web portal application, you have learned how simple and efficient that web portal is. AFAX Client Tools is designed and built to empower business users to increase their flexibility of send and receiving faxes. 

If you are running dealing with high volume of fax documents on daily basis, AFAX Client Tools will give you the best out of the AFAX features and functionalities at your fingertips.

Our engineers are able to design and build a customized application for your business to integrate with our AFAX Platform for sending and receiving your faxes. Contact our sales engineers for any additional information.

Integrate with Third-party cloud storage
We understand the importance of our client’s business, we know your inquiries may vary to keep and stores your documents in different secure storage. 
At AFAX, we are able to integrate with major could service providers to facilitate storing your Fax documents while sending and receiving them by using our platform.
Here is the short list of providers which we could build a customize integration 
  • - Google Drive 
  • - OneDrive 
  • - Amazon S3 
  • - Azure Blob 
  • - Azure Files 
  • - Dropbox