AFAX Platform is the fastest growing Internet Fax service used by trusted small and medium businesses and individuals across Canada to send and receive Faxes through email. We are proud to serve our customers with secure state of the art systems and technologies available in information technology and Telecom.

AFAX uses the Internet, rather than a legacy phone lines to send and receive faxes. You don’t need any equipment, application to install or phone line – you send Faxes directly from your computer, mobile devices to any numbers in Canada, the USA and International* directly from your email account or AFAX Secure Portal.

Just follow simple format using your preferred email client tools (like gmail, hotmail, outlook, etc), add your destination recipient FAX number following this format "", enter your fax subject line into your email subject and enter your cover page as body of your email and attach the document want to send as fax (e.g. PDF format documents) and hit SEND.

If you are a service provider or need an integration with your existing Faxing system, MFC devices, EMR system / application, CRM suite, Pharmacy software; then AFAX Platform is your solution. AFAX™ is PHIPA Compliant and you could use our RESTful API. If you need any customization to the API, we are here to help. A team of our software engineers could enhance or build new set of API's, customize new integration even with old and legacy systems. Please contact us for any additional information. 

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