How is the Send and Receive Faxes working?

How do I Send a Fax?

It is simple as sending an email, opening a new email message using your email client application (like Outlook, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.), and type your recipient's fax numbers in the “To field” followed by (i.e., [email protected]); then attach any documents you wish to include in your fax. AFAX supports a variety of file formats; We suggest using PDF files.

AFAX will use the "Subject" of your email as a reference for your fax and the "Body" of your email as a message within the AFAX Coverpage. In this example:

1) The destination fax number is 4165551010 {if your account is set to allow international faxes, please add the country code to your destination fax number. e.g., Fax to the United Kingdom is like 442075559091}

2) Enter the subject of your Fax into the subject line in your email.

3) Enter your Fax message within the body of your email.

4) Attached a document fax file(s) to the email and hit Send.



You can also send a fax directly from your AFAX Secure Portal.


How do I Receive my Fax?

Like traditional fax systems and fax machines – AFAX will get your Faxes and send them to your designated email addresses—no matter where you are.
AFAX also offers secure storage for your fax documents; your received faxes' content is encrypted and securely stored, so your faxes can be accessed using your AFAX Secure Portal.

You could view the details of your Fax information, look at the content of your Fax, download them as you wish to your desktop, tablet, or smart devices, and delete it.

We offer local numbers in select cities in Canada and Toll-Free numbers for all USA and Canada. If you are a corporation and like to have specific integration with your applications or fax server, don't hesitate to contact us for any additional information.

Can I get separate AFAX numbers for different individuals or departments within our company?

Absolutely. One of the benefits of AFAX Platform faxing is that your faxes become as personal and private as your Email. 
We could assign any Fax Numbers within our  General Plans, Professional Plans, Healthcare Plans, and Enterprise Solutions for your individuals or departments. There is an associated charge of $3.99 for each additional fax number.