Cost of service and Payment

What type of payment methods are available?

Within the AFAX Platform, we accept all credit cards, including Visa, Master Card, America Express, etc.


Moneris, one of Canada's most trusted merchant service providers, is powering our payment processor.

  If you are a company that cannot pay by company credit card, please let us know. We may arrange different payment methods for the company with an enterprise plan.

What would happen if I exceeded the number of faxing pages in a month?

We have provided several bonus pages for each plan. If you exceed the total combined number of pages per month, you will be billed for each additional page. The rate per page varies by plan and is listed on the pricing plans page.

That cost is minimal and manageable for all our plans; please get in touch with us (contact us) if you feel that you may have a spike in the number of received faxes in a month (like seasonal taxing period, etc.) – we will try to mitigate those once in a while.