What do we need to use AFAX service?

What do I need to use AFAX?

You just need Internet access, a valid working email address (personal or business), and an AFAX™ account. You don’t need any new hardware nor any additional software. 
It's as simple as this: if you're already using a personal computer, smartphone or tablet, you can take advantage of our innovative AFAX technology to send and receive your Faxes via email or using our AFAX Secure Portal.

Could I Send and Receive my Faxes in my Smart Phone (iPhone® and BlackBerry®)?

Absolutely, send and receive Faxes anywhere you have access to your personal or corporate email, most smart phones and tablets have built-in email clients which you can sync with your existing email service providers.
No need for extra application or software; it is completely hassle and bug free; with no additional learning curve! Could you send an email, then you could send a Fax! 
  • Simple user’s guide for sending Fax using your iPhone® email

Can I use and forward my existing FAX number(s) to my AFAX number(s)?

Yes. As a matter of fact this is very common use cases and in some situation we are recommending that.

You will require a Call Forwarding feature added to your existing fax line – your existing telephone service provider can set this up for you. Once the feature has been added, you can forward all calls made to your existing fax number to your AFAX fax number (AKA DID). Your existing fax line can be used for outgoing faxes and as a spare line but it will no longer receive faxes. 

Some telephone lines have a call forwarding feature already available, please check with your service provider to assure the service is available and could be use within your existing line.
Here is the guideline for three major service providers in Canada, please contact us if you still have any further questions; our technical engineers would be happy to help.

Bell Canada, Rogers Communications and Telus Communications.


Can I port over my number to AFAX?

Yes, you can request to port over your number to us with no extra cost.

This option is available during sign-up process or you could request that later while using the service. Here is some additional information; if you have multiple numbers or need any additional information please contact us.

What is Local Number Portability? 
Local number portability (LNP) enables customers to keep the same phone number when changing service providers or carriers.

Which Fax or Telephone numbers can I move / port to AFAX? 
Technically you can port over any Telephone / Fax numbers to AFAX as your own Fax number, it can be your existing Fax number, an additional Telephone number which you like to use as Fax number going forward, or even your Wireless Mobile Telephone number as long as you are leaving in Canada*.

When will I be able to move my Fax or Telephone number to AFAX? 
Our carriers will work with all major Canadian carriers in all metropolitan areas across Canada in order to process your request for LNP as soon as we have the confirmation from you and/or your business. If you are a USA resident or running business there and would like to use our AFAX services, you can send us an email (using our contact us page), we will review your case and get back to you.
What do I need to do to move my number to AFAX? 
    1) If your Service Provider are using your Fax line at home or business for providing your Internet (DSL or ADSL), you can not move your Fax or Telephone number. If you are not sure about the case, please contact our support team for more information and guideline.
    2) Otherwise; select "Move your Fax Number" option, please key your existing Fax or Telephone number starting with three (3) digits area code (e.g. 613-555-1010). 
    3) Fill the information for your existing carriers / service provider.

Can all numbers be transferred? 
No, not every number can be transferred. There are certain restrictions that may prevent a customer from transferring their number to another carrier. 
Here are some examples: 
a) The number to be transferred is not active with any carrier. 
b) The number may be in an area that does not support porting. (we can work with our service provider to get your number ported)
c) Pager numbers cannot be transferred. d) If your number used as shared with your ADSL / DSL Internet** (the number linked to your internet)

Should I cancel my existing contracts before moving my number? 
No. We suggest that you first review your existing contract to determine what fees or charges would apply. Similar to other situations where a customer is breaking a contract, if you want to move your fax or telephone number to AFAX, you will be obligated to pay any early termination fees identified in any existing contract, and be obligated to pay any outstanding balance. 
AFAX is not liable for any surcharges or penalty due to this LNP.

Will I be able to keep my phone number if I move to a different city? 
Yes, that’s of the advantage of our service, for example you can move (LNP) your Toronto Fax or Telephone number to AFAX and relocate to Vancouver; you still will able to get your Faxes.

Can I move my number from AFAX? 
Yes, you can choose to port / move your own ported number from AFAX service anytime you want to any other service provider. Please make sure your account is in good condition and there is no outstanding bill / balances pending. 
Note: We don’t allow any LNP from any AFAX numbers which originally selected from our platform | service. We reserved the right to reject any LNP request for our AFAX owned number.