General Questions

Do I need to make a long-term commitment?

No, not at all. There are no long-term contracts are required to sign and no minimum sign-up period. Select the plan which suit your needs well, monthly plan or take advantage of our discounted annual plan. 

You can cancel your plan any time you want, please see Term of Service for more detailed information.

Can I send multiple documents in one fax?

Absolutely, you have two options: 

1. By using AFAX Portal you could securely upload multiple documents at once for selected destination fax number.
2. OR if you rather to use email for sending your fax, simply attach selected documents to the email while sending that to [yourfaxnumber]

Note: Most email service providers have some limitation for attached documents to each outgoing email. Please consider that when you are sending your faxes using email to fax feature. 

Are we getting busy lines within our AFAX number(s)?

No, contrary of the traditional fax line (landline or limited voip box) our services will provide multiple channels for each AFAX number(s), as a result in normal situation you will never get a busy line on your fax.
Our system will be sending email to your designated email address as receiving the faxes one at the time.

Could we use more than one email address to send or receive our faxes?

Yes, in theory you have no limitation for sending and receiving faxes using multiple email addresses. 
To eliminate any issue during the process of your faxes, we do suggest to use controlled number of email address to your account while at the end of the day – you are responsible for associated costs if outgoing (sent) faxes exceed your monthly credit limits.

In your AFAX Portal, you can manage adding additional email address which you like to let them to send fax.

Example: You like to allow your staff or partners to send a fax using their own email address. All you have to do, simply add their emails, from that point they could send a fax from their email address.  

Can I send faxes to multiple fax numbers at once?

Absolutely, we have that unique functionality implemented, you could simply follow the steps shown bellow:

In your AFAX Portal, select "Send FAX" option, then:

1) Choose "Multiple FAX" as your type

2) Enter your destination fax numbers

3) Select if you wish to have a cover page for each faxes, if not select the "No" and add your fax document files.

Please contact us If you are looking for any additional faxing functionalities.


Can I change my plan when my faxing requirements changes?

Absolutely. You have the option to upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time. Logon to your account, within our secure portal you have the option to change your plan. 

Upgarde your AFAX Plan

Please contact us if you need any additional information or required an assist for your plan change.