Manage (add / edit) user to access portal

How could I add a new user to my account to send the fax?

It's simple; please follow these steps so you can add a new user to your account.

You should log on to the AFAX portal using a primary account (AKA admin).

1)      Select “Manage User's Group” within your Profile
2)      Select “Add Additional User.
3)      Enter the email address of the new user
4)      Provide a friendly name for this new user
5)      You can provide access to the admin portal to this new user with selected access or fill access.
6)      You can select an individual access control for the user as follow:

  • a.       Sending faxed                               
  • b.       Check Queued faxed
  • c.       View Sent Faxes
  • d.       View Received Faxes
  • e.       View Customized Report
  • f.        Manage Account
  • g.       Manage Extended Features
  • h.       Associated Fax number(s): any fax sent to these number(s) will email to this user’s email address.

afax new user